Grant Application

Phil Whitkowski, UPMC Central PA

Proposed Innovation

After-hospital video visits (AHVV) were launched by UPMC Central Pa. in early 2021 to reduce hospital readmission rates. The successful program helped ease the transition of patients back to primary care by answering questions arising after discharge, providing medical care prior to primary care provider (PCP) visits, and reviewing test results.

As the program grew, the telehealth team realized more follow-up video visits could be scheduled if patients were active on the UPMC Central Pa. Portal Account before discharge. A digital health navigator will be added to the team to help hospitalized patients sign up for the program.

Improvements in Action

The digital health navigator will assist admitted patients to sign up for the telemedicine portal. The navigator also will show patients how to use the software application on their smart devices, help them schedule follow-up AHVVs through the portal, and train them in using remote monitoring equipment after discharge from the hospital.

Intended Outcomes

The addition of a digital health navigator will enable more patients to participate in video visits and remote monitoring from the comfort of home while transitioning health care back to their PCP. The project also will serve as a pilot program that can be replicated at all UPMC hospitals in the future.