Grant Application

Kelly Bossola, PT, MSPT, PCS, and Kelly Bossola, PT, DPDT, of Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC’s Pine Center


Proposed Innovation

Traditionally, physical therapists at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC have used observation and recall to conduct gait analysis and determine treatment for children with gait dysfunctions.

Through this grant from the Beckwith Institute, Children’s Hospital will introduce a new Pediatric Gait Analysis Program (PGAP) that will greatly enhance the gait analysis of patients with orthopaedic and neurological impairments. PGAP will use G Walk — a wireless sensor placed over the L5 vertebrae of the spine — to evaluate all aspects of gait, including speed, cadence, step and stride length, and stance time.


Improvements in Action

Physical therapists at the Children’s Hospital’s Pine Center satellite location will undergo training in the use of G Walk. During a one-year trial period, the therapists will use the system to evaluate and treat all patients with orthopaedic injuries, neurological diagnoses, and gait deviations. It will be used during evaluation as well as discharge to track progress and outcomes, and provide quantitative data concerning the program’s effectiveness.


Results — In Progress

The PGAP program is expected to fill in the gaps by providing therapists with a more in-depth and detailed gait analysis, allowing them to track changes over time. Data generated by the program will be used to support a treatment plan, compare treatment options, and track progress and outcomes. The program eventually will be expanded to other Children’s Hospital satellite locations.